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Berger lets the Buemi out of the bag?

January 5th, 2009

Berger + BuemiThere’s still no official word from Toro Rosso about who will be driving for them in 2009 but in speaking to the Blick newspaper in Sweden Gerhard Berger said: “For 2009 Toro Rosso has a good and fast driver in Buemi.”

Berger is no longer a part owner of Toro Rosso having sold his fifty percent stake in the team back to Red Bull but we can assume he is still pretty close to the team. Does this mean the Swiss driver will soon be confirmed at Toro Rosso and if so who will his team mate be? Sebastien Bourdais had some bad luck in 2008 and didn’t really get the results he deserved but as I said before I hope we get to see Takuma Sato in F1 again this year.

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