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Prediction game: Round 7 results

June 8th, 2009

Mark Webber, Turkey, 2009The results are up for round 7 of the f1buzz prediction game and they show once again that practice times are not necessarily a good indicator of race performance.

Everyone except Sergio wanted to see Felipe Massa, if not winning his fourth Turkish GP in a row, then at least on the podium.  In the end it seems Ferrari just have a lot more work to do before they can win races again.

Andrew scored the most points, correctly picking Button and Vettel for a podium.  He maintains his lead with a 10 point gap over Sergio while Mark had another good week picking up 5 points for Button’s fastest lap.

The next race is the British Grand Prix in two weeks time and there are plenty of points left so anyone still can win!

Image: Getty / Red Bull

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