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Bernie: Ferrari are idiots

May 18th, 2009

Bernie EcclestoneLast week Bernie Ecclestone was calling Ferrari and Formula One “a marriage made in heaven, one of those super things that work well”.  This was after Max Mosley’s suggestion that if Ferrari didn’t like his new rules they could sod off.

We know that Ferrari are Bernie’s favourite team but considering his recent divorce from former model wife, Slavica (possibly costing him £1 billion), I’m not sure he’s someone I’d want to be taking marriage advice from.

Tomorrow, Ferrari go before the French courts to seek an injunction preventing the introduction of the new rules.  They are relying on a secret deal made in 2005 between Ferrari and the FIA that gives the Scuderia veto power over any new regulations.  A deal that Max Mosley doesn’t seem to think is valid anymore.

Legal action.  Shady deals.  Threatened boycotts.  What ever happened to racing?

Luckily we have Bernie to lighten the mood.  Speaking to The Times, when asked about the court action, Ecclestone said:

It’s good, it keeps it in the bloody newspaper.  They should have done it before – idiots.

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