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Chinese F1 car made from scrap

April 14th, 2009

With the Chinese Grand Prix just days away, here is a video of a Chinese Formula One car made entirely from scrap metal.  According to Jalopnik, this is the fourth of these replicas built by the Zhao brothers and it is capable of hitting 100mph.  Whether you would want to drive something made from scrap while sitting on a folding chair at 100mph on the streets of China is debatable but you have to admit the end result looks pretty damn cool.  Some might say it even looks better than some of the new 2009 F1 cars.

The video shows the adjustable rear wing and extensive ‘wind tunnel’ testing of the chassis.  A number of ‘things’ are also highlighted with red circles but as my Chinese is non-existent I have no idea what they are.

Bernie Ecclestone has had a lot of criticism over his efforts to take Formula One to new markets in Asia and the Middle East but I think it’s pretty clear from this video that there are at least four guys in China who will be watching the race on Sunday.

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