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Brawn GP Racing for iPhone

July 9th, 2009

Brawn GP RacingCodemasters will be releasing their new Formula One video game for Wii and PSP later this year, followed by versions for PS3, XBox 360 and PC in 2010, but if you just can’t wait that long Brawn GP have released their own racing game for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Imaginatively called Brawn GP Racing, it is the first Formula One game for the iPhone and iPod Touch and is available from the iTunes App Store.

The game also ties in with a competition where you can win a Mercedes SL, the idea being that the faster your lap time the more competition entries you get.

The game only features one track at the moment; a strange circuit somewhere in central London featuring every famous London landmark the developers could pack in.  As you scream around what might be Hyde Park, everything from Tower Bridge and the London Eye to Big Ben and Buckingham Palace slides past.

More tracks will be added throughout 2009 supposedly inspired by real circuits like Silverstone, Monza and Monaco.  There is also a news section and a gallery where you can save pictures to use as wallpaper.

The game itself is mildly amusing.  The graphics are quite nice and the car sounds good but the handling is tricky.  It seems to drive more like a BMW than a Brawn.  I found the car either understeering off one side of the track or oversteering off the other.  There is an auto-acceleration mode but strangely it doesn’t also auto-brake so it is of dubious help.

With only one track at the moment, £2.39 seems a bit steep but I guess if you win a Mercedes SL the game will have paid for itself…

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